Situated halfway between Milan and Venice, in a setting steeped in history and rich in natural beauty and artistic , Terme di Sirmione on Lake Garda is one of the most important spa in Italy .
The Terme di Sirmione is one of the most important historic spa of Italy . For over 100 years offering spa therapy thanks to a precious natural element: salsobromoiodic sulphurous water , water with therapeutic properties , allied health .
Its beautiful and varied range stems from a unique and essential element : the thermal water is classified according to its peculiar characteristics such as sulfur salsobromoiodic , that taking a trip of 20 years to enrich all the elements that confer high property preventive and therapeutic .
A multifaceted reality , the Terme di Sirmione , which over a hundred years helps to associate with the charm of the peninsula of Lake Garda un'incontrastata renowned spa .
It has two cutting-edge spas , Terme Virgilio and Catullo Spa , a Spa and Wellness Centre a modern and functional . Since 2003, major spas ( Terme di Catullo and Virgilio Spa ) intended for the treatment of various diseases are accompanied by Spa Center " Aquaria " . Surrounded by a large park, Aquaria is located directly on the lake in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Garda offering a view that allows the view to relax and get lost versol'infinito , between the blue sky and the waves of the lake. a natural and magical place , where water spa and wellness come together in a single element, to find a new balance , harmony and serenity.


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